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Breakpoint appointed to resell Aspera software in SA

Breakpoint today announced its appointment as South African reseller for Aspera, a California-based specialist in high-performance file transfer technologies.

Aspera’s unwavering mission is to create the next-generation software technologies that move the world’s large data at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. With the unstoppable explosion of Big Data in a world where IT and networking infrastructures are more diverse and flexible than ever, Aspera focuses on supplying innovative data transfer solutions that help organisations operate and collaborate more effectively on a global scale.

Breakpoint is excited to be associated with such an innovative company. With more and more data moving across the globe, in and out of the cloud, between remote locations and backup sites, the need for fast, reliable and secure means of data transport has never been more acute. With local bandwidth restrictions frustrating many organisations, Aspera’s proven solutions are sure to have immediate appeal.

Consistently ranked first in every WAN transfer throughput benchmark it was ever evaluated in, Aspera’s patented, highly efficient bulk data transport technology, fasp, outperforms software and hardware WAN acceleration solutions alike. Across multiple industries and application areas, organisations rely on Aspera software for the business or mission-critical transport of their most valuable digital assets.

Aspera leverages existing WAN infrastructure and commodity hardware to achieve speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP or HTTP, while delivering end-to-end security, 100% reliability and exceptional bandwidth control.

Aspera fits well with Breakpoint’s current suite of products and technical skills, and presents the company with an exciting prospect to expand its customer base both locally and into Africa.

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