Social Responsibility

Breakpoint Solutions is committed to helping ensure a better life for all South Africans.

Attie van Wyk

Attie van Wyk Primary provides schooling for the children of farm workers in the Durbanville area, and is located a few kilometres outside of the town.

In 2006 Breakpoint Solutions visited the school and met with the principal who gave us insight into the difficulties that they face. This insight prompted Breakpoint to select Attie van Wyk school as its primary beneficiary.

Since then, Breakpoint has made annual donations to the school. These donations were utilised in various ways to address the most urgent requirements. The projects to which donations contributed include the following:

  • The 7th grade (final year of primary school) learners had to attend another school. The learners had great difficulty in adjusting to the new environment, and this disruption led to high failure rates. In an attempt to address this problem, the school embarked on a project to purchase a number of temporary classrooms to accommodate the grade 7 learners, thus enabling them to complete their entire primary school career at Attie van Wyk.
  • The majority of the learners rarely venture outside of the Durbanville area. To address this an educational tour of the southern Cape was arranged.
  • During winter there was nothing to shelter the learners from rain during the lunch breaks. An overhang shelter was constructed in front of the school building to address this problem.

Whilst our contributions are not limited to Attie van Wyk Primary, we aim to continue viewing the school as our primary beneficiary and it is very humbling to see how our donations have directly contributed to the improvement of the conditions for the learners attending the school.