Breakpoint Alluvia


Alluvia brings a new category of operational intelligence to your organisation. Near real-time, in-flight data flow analysis provides a true, unencumbered view of your service landscape’s reality. Decades of experience working with vendors enables informed executive decision making.

A New Category of Service

Alluvia brings leading data science and machine learning technologies to streaming data, and presents impactful near real time information in easy-to-interpret visualisations. It is the product of many years involved in helping organisations with complex systems, from multiple vendors, to extract meaningful information from new data sources, without the need to organise, store and post-process massive amounts of data.

Smart Data, not Big Data

Size isn’t everything. Complexity in data problems are solved by deep understanding of the elements present in the data – especially how data from different sources are related – and intelligently extracting and processing only the parts you need to answer questions, on the fly. This is how Alluvia unlocks valuable information from sources that were unexploitable until now. With access to the right layers of the data stream, Alluvia can even process encrypted flows by means of Man-in-the-Middle filters, which intelligently lift targeted payloads out of the traffic. This and other filters then work together to send just the right data building blocks to Alluvia’s predictive analytics engine, enriched by other data from sources like application logs, network devices, or even traditional structured or big data sources.

Non-invasive, In-flight

Operating in an environment with multiple vendors and systems, compliance requirements and security concerns requires a very specific set of tools and approaches. Alluvia uses leading data scientific technologies and approaches to non-invasively analyse and process traffic streams, logs, application events and even network packets that traverse your network without having any effect on in-band data flow, nor storing sensitive data permanently. Near real time processing of data streams are done by applying intelligent filters to the data flow, and combining it with rich traditional data sources. Machine learning algorithms are then applied to answer specific data analytic questions, or sometimes simply to visualise a key performance indicator in real time, with no batch processing delays or cumbersome data organisation or management requirements.

Objective Independence

Difficult decisions require objective, accurate and timeous information. Frequently an organisation is presented with multiple sources of incongruent data, with no way of determining which source is true. Alluvia’s independence allows it to report information without needing to be sensitive to third parties. Alluvia collates multiple sources of data and instantly detects and visualises discrepancies, with the possibility of integration with incident or alert management systems for true operational intelligence.

Multiple Source

Using intelligent filters, Alluvia can simultaneously process streaming data as well as more traditional sources of data that your systems provide. Typical additional sources of data are:

  • Application and service gateway logs
  • Call Detail Records
  • Service Data Point records
  • SSL decrypted flows from the application delivery layer
  • Metrics from monitoring systems
  • Network flow information and packet data

Vendor Interoperable

Decades of experience working with vendors has afforded Breakpoint an operational understanding and insight into most vendor platforms. This knowledge allows us to get to work quickly with vendor teams and speak the same language from day one.

Alluvia also knows how to work around applications that are not able to provide direct access to the necessary data. We have developed processes and procedures to gather the data that Alluvia requires while addressing the vendor’s concerns.

Real World Applications

  • KPI monitoring
  • SLA management
  • Monitor time sensitive business processes
  • Early detection of service delivery problems