Every application that runs on a network faces numerous security, availability and performance challenges that need to be sufficiently addressed to avoid problems.

Application delivery controllers (ADCs) provide load balancing, application acceleration, security and service offloading to optimise enterprise application environments. F5 is the market leader in ADC products with its BIG IP family of products.

The BIG IP system ensures that applications are always available, fast and secure. It provides application acceleration and traffic management, it acts as a network firewall and also provide application and access security, DDoS protection, SSL offload and DNS security. It essentially becomes the central point of control and delivery for your applications. The BIG IP products are available as purpose-built application delivery controller appliances or as virtual solutions.

The BIG IP system is modular and the modules can be deployed as layered or as standalone solutions. The modules are the BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager™, BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager™, BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager™, BIG-IP Access Policy Manager®, BIG-IP Application Security Manager™, BIG-IP WebAccelerator™, and BIG-IP WAN Optimization Manager™.

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