VMware is the undisputed industry leader in virtualisation and cloud infrastructure software that allows the optimisation IT resources. This is achieved by virtualising the underlying physical hardware resources thereby creating the abstracted layer that separates an operating system from the physical hardware. Once this is achieved the reliability and manageability of an IT environment can easily be enhanced. VMware vSphere can build an entire virtual infrastructure spanning multiple servers and storage systems that can dynamically be adjusted depending on resource requirements at any given time.

The software includes functionality that will allow automatic load balancing, the movement of a running virtual machine from one host to another, the movement of a running virtual machine from one storage device to another and the automatic restart of a virtual server on another host in case of a hardware failure. With the growing interest in Cloud infrastructure solutions VMware has capitalised on the incredible success of its virtualisation software by offering a new suite of Cloud management software known as VMware vCloud.

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