Your application is ready to be unleashed, but you’re unsure whether to entrust it to the cloud, or roll your own infrastructure and host it locally.


Furthermore, you have questions around how to adequately cater for expected growth if things really take off  – will your storage perform and scale as demand increases? How do you design your network so that traffic is secure, and yet offer room to scale out at every level? Can you release updates in flight, or mitigate costly DDoS attacks?

Perhaps you have an application that is unnecessarily constrained by ageing or inadequate infrastructure, and you’re unsure how best to spend your budget. Maybe your brand new deployment is not performing as well as you had hoped, or maybe you simply wish to add a disaster recovery site and plan, and practice a live switchover to a DR site to satisfy audit requirements, but you can’t afford to lose business to downtime.

Since its inception in 2002, Breakpoint has worked closely with customers in high tech and enterprise computing environments. We know how to solve difficult architecture questions, and take pride in our ability to identify, understand and work within the parameters imposed, without sacrificing on quality. Breakpoint can help you answer these questions, and provide you with the skill and experience to bring your service to market – fast and with confidence.

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