A monumental shift is underway in how we build out applications, and uncertainty about the technology choices make matters even more… well, cloudy.

Cloud Services

Can you trust the public cloud to keep your data secure, and will it pass audit? Are you feeling the pain of capacity constraints, but hesitate to burst your workload into the cloud? What about vendor lock-in, noisy neighbours and compliance?

Whether private, hybrid or public, or IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, the cloud is here to stay – whatever it may mean for you. Breakpoint brings confidence and control to the ascent, whether it is with provisioning, monitoring and management for cloud services, or simply workload virtualisation on your private cloud.

There are opportunities and threats aplenty in this brave new world. Navigating your way through the pressures from vendors, developers, consultants and even your own IT can be difficult. Sanity can be had, and it costs less than you think. Let Breakpoint assess your requirements, and help you make the transition to the cloud simple, with a tried and trusted methodology which has already been applied to migrate over a thousand servers to the cloud.