Infrastructure Services

Modern applications rely on a stack of increasingly complex building blocks that make up the underlying infrastructure.


Although assembly of the various layers in the stack are benefiting from more stable and well defined interfaces than in the past, there is a shift in how applications are developed, and subsequently deployed. This shift is brought about by the commoditisation of infrastructure by leading IaaS providers, as well as by the consumerisation of IT, which we see manifested in the explosion of personal devices that access, manipulate and process corporate data. The introduction of IPv6, along with the Internet of Things, wearable computing and the like will make the design, build and management of cutting edge infrastructure a continuous challenge on all fronts, including performance, security and availability. It’s not just your applications that need to be designed with care and attention – they depend entirely on reliable and secure infrastructure, and although IaaS promises virtually limitless scalability, the manner in which these foundational elements are accessed can often lead to architectural problems. This often overlooked element becomes apparent when your application needs to scale, or change in ways that you did not anticipate.

We have made the journey alongside a number of our customers; from fledgling startups to established, multi-national market leaders. We’ve learned from them as they’ve learned from us, and we bring this experience to bear in our infrastructure services. We can help you gain confidence in your architecture decisions, and we excel at solving capacity or scaling problems.

Our infrastructure services cover the entire stack:

  • Block and object storage, at any scale or complexity
  • Datacentre and access networking
  • Application delivery, load balancing and traffic optimisation
  • Server and operating system tuning