Managed Services

At Breakpoint, we trust experts to take care of our specialised business processes and tasks.

Managed Services

We know how valuable the contributions of our trusted managed service provider partners are to our business, and we know that attempting to takeĀ onĀ these specialised tasks ourselves may seem the prudent option, but the false economies soon become apparent, when the cumulative effect of costly delays, mistakes and sub-optimal execution take its toll on our real business – which is to provide the highest level of tried, trusted and optimally executed service to our customers.

Because we are free to focus on what we do well, we can do it even better. We know that we need to place a certain trust in our partners – trust them with our most treasured assets, and trust that they will deliver on their promise. After all, the same duty of care and responsibility accrues to the managed services partner. It is plain to see that the success of the relationship and the business is shared by both parties.

In the same spirit, we invite you to take advantage of the managed services that we offer. What we do, we do exceptionally well. “It’s in our DNA,” as we like to say.

The benefits of managed services are well known. A few of the prominent ones are:

  • Improved service levels across the board
  • Consistent and predictable budgeting
  • Lower risk
  • Greater compliance and security
  • Reduced cost when compared to staff augmentation, training and tooling
  • Monitoring
  • Managed on-premise infrastructure
  • DevOps and configuration management with Puppet