Oracle Gold Partner

Monitoring is a fundamental requirement for the successful management of any IT service. Is your monitoring up to date?

It provides the inputs for all the other service management functions – without monitoring, there can be no visibility into service states, no root cause analysis and no data to perform demand and capacity management with. It also provides the only means to alert service support personnel to failures before they affect service availability. Monitoring is the service management function with the quickest return on investment, and must be the IT service delivery organisation’s first step in taking ownership of a new service. Monitoring is a specialised service that needs skill and experience to render useful results, and can also have detrimental effects on service availability if improperly done.

Here are the highlights of the monitoring service that Breakpoint offers:

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and incident management with guaranteed response times and service levels
  • Full service monitoring, including service response and demand metrics
  • Predictive service analysis beyond mere alerts and escalations
  • Usable reporting for better demand, performance and capacity management
  • “Tripwire” monitoring of configuration files and parameters – receive customized and configurable alerts when the system detects changes to key files, or even certain parameters within files
  • Backed by highly skilled and experienced technical personnel
  • Complete stack expertise – no gaps in the skills matrix
  • Best of breed technologies deployed
  • Secured communications, infrastructure and data
  • Cloud-ready architecture